Better domain auctions

Too many high quality domains are sitting idle, awaiting their big moment to bring a business to its full potential. At Undeveloped we believe that this is a waste because there are loads of companies who still don’t use that right domain name that can change everything for them. That is the reason why our focus mainly lies on connecting end-users with that perfect domain. Now, as our goal and mission on this subject is quite clear, we’re introducing online auctions to show our commitment in increasing connecting buyers and sellers via Undeveloped.

Why our domain auctions are different

Inherently, all online auctions should be transparent, easily accessible and safe. At Undeveloped we make sure these principles are present so we can attract more buyers and sellers to participate in our online auctions. Next to that we make sure we solve the big problems both sides of table have.

Ease of use

Within a couple of clicks you can create an account, verify your account and start bidding on domains! Our very intuitive and state of the art auction platform is easy to use, which lowers the barrier of entry for non domain investors to also participate in our auctions.

Better access to amazing domains

For the first time we’re introducing affordability to online auctions. When the seller accepts installment paymentsbuyers can pay in 6 or 12 installments.

Marketing your domains

Connecting the right buyer with the right domain is why we got into this business. Therefore we will be doing heavy outreach towards end-users. This means that one of our domain consultants will contact interested parties on behalf of our sellers.

Assisting & guiding your buyers

In addition to the previous point, we will assist the buyer with everything they need. This means that we will provide them with information about the domain, the owner, how the dynamics of an auction work and even help with the bidding process.

How to submit

Anyone can submit their domains through .After you’ve submitted your domains, our team of domain experts will take all domains into account. Once the team has gone through all your domains, they will email you if or which domains are selected for the auction. At that point you can agree to the selection and set the auction conditions like minimum offers, reserve prices and so on.

Why auction your domains with Undeveloped

With our new approach to domain auctioning we are making sure that high quality domains are better accessible to end-users. The ease of use, heavy outreach and additional transparency will attract more buyers for your domains.

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