A big step towards our vision for the domain industry

Domains have been around for over 30 years. 334.6 Million domain names are registered (source: Verisign) to this date. An entire industry has developed, flourished, and even started to diversify.

Yet there is still a huge problem: all good domain names are taken! We’ve all experienced this. You start a new project, brainstorm possible names for your brainchild. And as soon as it comes to getting a domain name, the nightmare begins. Nothing is freaking available!

But, 44% (source: Pandalytics) of all domains are not used, even though they’re already registered. But as a buyer, how can you access these domains? Yep, that’s right, nobody really accommodates your needs.

This is the gap Undeveloped is bridging. We give buyers unlimited access to the 147 Million domain names our industry still has to offer. And we help sellers easily move their inventory and grow their business.

This week marks a big milestone towards this vision, and I hope it makes a big difference for you too. There are 3 major things are happening across the platform as per this Wednesday:

1. New brand identity
2. Improved & new features for buyers
3. Improved & new features for sellers

I’m extremely proud of the work our team has been doing, and I’d like to show you some of the details. Let’s now go over our new branding, 5 features for buyers, and 5 features for sellers.

New brand identity

Identity design is the purest expression of a brand’s essence. It shapes its offering, establishes its values and tone of voice with customers. It simply defines & expresses who you are as a company.

This is why we didn’t take it lightly. We thought long and hard about our brand. The team worked for 6 months from concept to sketches, colors and finally logo. We then worked tirelessly the entire summer to bring it to life on undeveloped.com.

The story begins with a domain. It’s epicenter of everything we do, without domain there is no Undeveloped. So the green dot represents a domain, it’s the dot every domain has right before its extension.

The next element is linked to the vision I mentioned before. 147 Million domains are currently undeveloped, idle. We help them find a new owner and be developed into something meaningful, be alive. This is what the green dots and living creatures represent.

Agata Ageieva, lead designer at Undeveloped, has done an all-round amazing job on this project. She went to hell and back to make this new brand happen. You can expect to read an in-depth look into the whole process in the next couple of weeks.

Improved & new features for buyers

1. Search

The search functionality has been redesigned and rewritten from scratch. You will find it faster and easier to use in about every way.

2. Domain page

We used the past 2 years of learning to engineer incredibly useful, fast and sexy domain pages. They now include traffic stats, and background info about the seller and their domains.

3. Curated lists

This is a new feature entirely, allowing you to discover great domain ideas right from the home page. You can browse through popular themes curated by our staff, and explore all sorts of domains.

4. Buy now

No more contact details to submit, no more email to receive. Click “buy now”, enter your billing info, pay securely, and boom the domain is yours!

5. Installment payments

Monthly installments are now available across the board. You can pay in six times and start using the domain right away. And on top of that, there is absolutely no extra cost!

Improved & new features for sellers

1. Signup

Account creation has been improved from start to finish. The 1st step includes all info you’ll ever need about features, pricing and more. The 2nd step is a simple yet powerful way to import your domains. Finally, the 3rd step helps you get your For Sale pages up and running.

2. Customization

You now get more control and flexibility over your stuff. Choosing what options to offer your buyers is just 1 click away. And you can now personalize your profile and For Sale pages to the colors of your brand.

3. Profile

You profile has been completely redesigned! It has nifty filters to help buyers explore your domains, and social media icons to share it easily.

4. Sales activity

We cleaned up this page and a lot more space to your content. There are 2 handy tabs to switch from new messages to transactions. All discussions now include profile pictures. And, there are clear icons for you to check the status of each transaction.

5. Emails

New email templates have been added for all communication between you and Undeveloped. They’re simple yet effective and will surely brighten your day.

Onto the next

We made a lot more improvements across the platform. But, I’ll let you look around and discover those for yourself. You can also drop me an email if you really want more details. I’d be happy to tell you more.

The team and I are are now going to reflect on what’s next. There are dozens of ideas we still have to further improve your workflow. And we definitely can’t wait to get started!

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