How do I transfer my domain?

Congratulations on acquiring a domain name! Now it’s time to transfer the domain and change ownership details. It just takes two simple steps to transfer your newly acquired domain.


Let’s determine which registrar or hosting provider you want to manage your domain with. There are literally thousands of registrars you can choose from. If you already own other domains then we’d suggest you to transfer your new domain to your current registrar or hosting provider. If not, feel free to pick any of the registrars from the list below. The biggest differences between registrars are the service and the control panel. There are small differences in terms of pricing. The annual registration fees average between € 5,- and € 10,- excl. VAT per year.


After choosing a registrar, you will need to copy the unique transfer code/authorisation code/token in order to transfer the domain. We will send you this transfer code by email. The transfer code is essential for the transfer of the domain. If you have not received this code or you are running into other kinds of trouble, please email us immediately via We are happy to assist you to successfully transfer the domain.

Below is a list of the most popular registrars from the United States and the United Kingdom, click the registrar you’ve chosen in step 1 and read how the process works at their company.

Registrars/hosting providers:

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