Real Name Policy: The Key to Success

When buying a domain from someone it appears to be a natural reaction to ask for the seller’s name. You want to make sure that they will not run with your money. Such an assurance for the safety of your investment is achieved through creating a level of trust between buyer and seller.

This is where our Real Name Policy comes in. The power of your real name lies in the bond of trust which is formed with the buyer during the negotiation for a domain name. Giving the buyer your actual name is the foundation of this bond of trust which increases the likelihood of the completion of the sale. It would be a pity if someone were to back off from a sale because they are unsure whether their money might be going down rabbithole93!.

Our Real Name Policy is thus a tool which helps you to facilitate a successful negotiation process. The idea of a real name is quite simple, yet makes an incredible difference for the success and gains of your domain name sale. Not only does it increase the level of trust during the talks with the buyers, your name can also increase the profit you make. Using your real name improves your authenticity in our unique marketplace, and helps to establish transparency.

Transparency is an effect to be noticed, in terms of the bigger picture. We at Undeveloped, put great care into establishing a transparent marketplace. The Real Name Policy is one aspect of this kind of transparency. Knowing who you are dealing with. Who’s selling you something. These factors enable you to feel confident that you can trust the transaction.

Let’s boost your sales and build a transparent marketplace together.

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