Undeveloped’s Unique Buyer Protection Program

Buying a domain can be time consuming, painful and frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Undeveloped we take away all the hassle involved in buying a domain and guarantee a safe and secure transaction.

Ever since we launched our Buyer Protection Program in 2014 not a single transaction has turned into a nightmare. Today, 100% of all transactions on Undeveloped are covered by our ever evolving program which includes several security layers that allows us to connect buyers and sellers in a safe and secure way.

So what are the key elements of our buyer protection program?

1: We handle the escrow of every single transaction ourselves. We make sure you receive control over your newly acquired domain and only proceed with paying out the domain seller after you have secured the domain.

2: Our escrow team literally monitors all transactions on Undeveloped and swiftly intervenes when we notice suspicious behaviour.

3: All sellers that you transact with will be verified by our team.

4: We provide you with all correct documentation required to acquire a domain from the secondary market including providing you with the appropriate invoice and VAT if applicable.

5: If for whatever reason the seller doesn’t deliver his part of the bargain we make sure you get refunded within 12 hours.

6: 98% of all transactions on Undeveloped are completed within 24 hours after the buyer has paid for the domain. Domain acquisition don’t have to take weeks if not months.

If you have any questions regarding the acquisition of a domain via Undeveloped please contact us.

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